Fontanelle Hybrids™

At Fontanelle Hybrids, our relationships are rooted in the local farming experience, friendliness and a desire for the ongoing success of your operation. Through a personal relationship with our customers, we deliver customized product advice and service, utilizing our local knowledge of the Great Plains.

Dedicated to the Great Plains

For more than 75 years, we have delivered local agronomic knowledge and provided personalized service to Great Plains growers.


Stay a Step Ahead with Agronomic Support

Local expertise and season-long support help define our Step Ahead Agronomy Program. This means that we will continually provide you with timely information specific to your field. Visit our agronomy library for the information that's most relevant to your operation.

Local Harvest Results

See how our products perform across the Great Plains. Search Harvest Results by year, crop and zip code.