Forage Sorghum Products

F320SS Variety

Type: Forage
Maturity: Sorghum Silage

Key Strengths

  • Medium/tall plant with strong stalk for good standability
  • High grain to stover ratio for increased digestibility
  • Wide leaves produce a dark, dense canopy
  • Dual purpose forage sorghum
  • Produces a high grain yield potential
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F292 BMR Variety

Type: Forage
Maturity: Sorghum/Sudangrass

Key Strengths

  • Brown midrib sorghum/sudangrass
  • Multi purpose forage
  • Exceptional palatability
  • Good regrowth and recovery
  • Slightly broader leaves and larger stems
  • 40-60% reduction in lignin (indigestible fiber)
  • A sorghum/sudangrass without tanin in grain
  • Highest daily weight gains from direct pasture
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F300 Variety

Type: Forage
Maturity: Sterile Forage

Key Strengths

  • High stem sugar
  • High palatability
  • Stands well
  • Good disease resistance
  • Early maturity forage
  • Will not set seed unless pollinated by an outside sorghum pollen source
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