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The 2023 Fontanelle Hybrids Planting Guide

Get ready for #plant23

Welcome to the 2023 Fontanelle Hybrids Planting Guide. This is your resource for the beginning of the season all the way until your last crop goes to harvest. It’s the place for helpful articles, timely information and expertise from local Dealers and agronomy experts. Stop by often as the season progresses to help you throughout #plant23.

Planter adjustments for corn seed.

  • Placing small amounts of key nutrients in starter fertilizers may increase corn yield potential.

  • Starter fertilizer can help meet the early demands of seedlings until the development of plant nodal root system.

  • Fields with cool soil temperatures, low phosphorus (P) levels, soils low in organic matter, and high pH soils are more likely to show a positive response to starter fertilizer applications.

The effect of planting date on soybean yield.


  • Historically, researchers and agronomists have recommended increasing seeding rates to attain satisfactory yield potential when planting later in the growing season.2 This research was conducted with a goal of understanding the interaction between planting date and seeding rate.
  • Another objective was to understand if seeding rate and planting date affect ultimate plant height since taller plants tend to lodge more.

Corn or Soybean based on Field Conditions.

  • Widespread adoption of soybean seed treatments has led to an increase in early soybean planting by growers across the midwestern United States. As an example, Illinois growers planted 41% of the soybean crop by May 2, 2021, compared to the five-year average of 14%.1

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